Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Neighbor Crafter in the Same City~

Well, as I was looking around crafters who hearted me on etsy, I found a person who lives in Asheville, where I live. Meet Linda aka BeckLeeCottage! She is a jeweler extraordinaire!! She not only takes new materials to create fantastic necklaces, bracelets and earrings, she also takes vintage jewelry to create new art pieces.

Tell me something about yourself.
All of my crafts started with some kind of
leftovers, fabric, clay, beads, or wood. My imagination would kick in and I would figure out some way to use the items. Also, I am a writer and co-authored a book in the 90’s (the Soul of A Writer)and have had some poetry published. I write ebooks and currently working on a murder mystery. I hand knot gems and pearls for a national design firm.

Wow--You are multi-talented!
How did you start with your current craft?
A friend gave me some wire and beads and I thought I should make something from it.

What do you like about your craft?
I love that you can take wire and beads and turn them into something fun or pretty.

Do you have a full time job?
Yes, I work full time at University of North Carolina at Asheville.

Would you like to be a full time crafter?
For sure, I would love to create from home.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us.
I love Etsy and selling is an education and I am slowly learning how to mix crafting with business.

Now take a look at some of her creations. Visit her shop and come back and tell us what your favorite items are from her shop. I'll give away 2 cards from my store using a random number generator!

I'll draw on Monday July 19 at 8 pm for the winner. Make and leave me a way to contact you!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Shopping on the Net!!

I never thought I would do it, but I ordered a dress on etsy from a wonderful seller, The Mayflower. Check out her shop here! Well, I am going to a wedding in New Mexico the end of July and saw this dress. I liked it and thought, "I wonder if this would look good on me?" I asked my son, Ashby, and my husband, Bob. They said YES.

So I bought it. The owner, Mai is wonderful! She asked me measurement questions and color preference and I sent her all the info. She had the dress made, packaged and shipped to me in record time. I ordered on Wednesday night, 6-30 and it was at my home by July 6. Talk about customer service!!
Here are some pictures of me in the dress.

Don't forget to check out her shop. She has jewelry as well as chic clothing.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Well, Hope you had a Happy 4th of July!

Gee, where has time gone?? It has been a month since I posted. I have broken my new year's resolutions to post more. Does anyone remember any of their New Year's resolutions?

Well, I have great news today--I'm featured in 2 treasuries!! I have 3 products listed between the 2. Hope you can take some time and give each treasury a visit.

I’m in two Treasuries—Check them out!
This treasury has 2 of my items:

Leave a comment there and one here as well. I promise to come back and visit often.



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