Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all my blog followers!! Enjoy your time with family and friends, they love and support you in everything you do!!

After the new year begins, I'll go back to featuring a new store each week.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gee, I am sorry for the lack of communication! I took an intermediate papermaking class last weekend and was totally wiped out. Asheville Bookworks is an incredible place to learn papermaking, printmaking, bookmaking, letterpress and a lot more. Check out this website

It is amazing.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Feature Store

Sunday night random number generator--selecting the new featured store
Here are your random numbers:44
Timestamp: 2010-11-29 00:17:08 UTC
And the winning store is: equale!!

From the shop announcement:

I'm =e (pronounced: equally). i'm an artist who believes equality is not only a right, but an essential for life. here you will find an array of art, from bottle-cap jewelry/keychains, etc... to original design screen-printed t-shirts, and prints of some of my designs, paintings and drawings!to get to know more about my shop as well as a little bit about me, be sure to check out all the info in the shop policies section. customer service is very important to me, so you can be sure to shop with confidence!thanks for stopping by, and please check back for updates and new, cool and unique items!=e[because not all art is created equally, but all people should be]

What a fantastic motto for life!!

And look at the art work! From bottle caps to T-shirts to mixed media computer art, equale has the taste of a modern generation. Thank you for hearting my store and in return, I am featuring you.
Now, blog followers, click on any picture and give equalle love also!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Featured Shop from my Hearts

My idea to feature a shop by using the random number generator has made one store owner very happy. Here is this week's winner

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:41
Timestamp: 2010-11-22 00:45:16 UTC

And the winner is Pandyamy!!

Her shop announcement reads: Unique Handmade Jewelry for Her. A selection of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces crafted with silver sterling, 14 kt gold filled, copper and vintaj wire.

Here I am too in Etsyland. I'm an Australian born who is living in Greece. A mum of two beautiful young boys and former EFL Teacher who gave it up to take care of my sons full time. While I love taking care and being there for my sons, it can be very overwhelming. Involving myself in creative work was the only outlet to keep me sane :) I first started out by crafting with casting powder and molds for decorative items. I later began jewelry making and it's been an amazing experience since, learning about it and creating many wonderful pieces of jewelry. It's something I will always enjoy and never give up on.

And that is right!! Look at the beautiful jewelry items she has--

Click on each picture to go to her store.

Come back and comment on your favorite item!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A new Idea

I want to feature etsy stores who heart me but I've had a problem with thinking of how to feature them. So I went to the random number generator and I have the random number

Here is your random number:18
Timestamp: 2010-11-15 01:01:59 UTC

Now I am off to find who I am promoting tonight!!

FlowersforRealJewelr is the winner!!

From her shop announcement:

Pressed Flowers in Resin are my passion, using as great a variety of flowers as possible. Victorian-style pendants and earrings are my specialty, but I design a variety of real flower jewelry.

Custom pendants made of flowers from weddings, funerals and other special occasions are one of my favorite things to make.

I'd love you to contact me about the flowers from your special event.

No dyes or coloring are used on the flowers in my jewelry.

All the colors in my pressed flower jewelry are Mother Nature's. All flowers will fade over time, no matter in what format they are presented.

Keeping the jewelry in a jewelry box or other dark, dry place will greatly delay the natural aging.

Now look at some of her creations!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Making Custom paper for my watercolorist/pastel friend

My friend, Karen, has pushed me into making custom paper for her. She is a watercolorist and pastel artist. Together, we are going to make some awesome paper for her to create waterolors and pastel work. Her website is

I thought I would give you a few of our conversations to show how this works:

Karen--I'm building my papermaking contacts so that special orders like yours will be a main stay of my business.

The paper I made yesterday is 9 x 14. I really want you to try it and all the different ways you listed. It is 100% cotton, with calcium carbonate to maintain acid free and has a sizing in the pulp which helps prevent water absorbancy.

Let's get together one day this week and I can show you what I have made.

Karen came and picked up 8 sheets of paper.

I have used two sheets of the paper for pen and ink drawings. I think the images would show up better if there was about half as much plant fiber inclusions. Also, the paper responds even to the moisture in the ink of my drawing pens. It doesn't bleed but it picks up and shreds as if it were wet. A little smoother surface might work better. Other than that it works really well for drawing. I'll try pastels next. Since there is no moisture involved, we shoud get different results. I still think a little less plant fiber is better as it is also distracting for the design. I am having fun, however. Karen

Great info! I will adjust the plant fibers and the sizing which prevents the ink bleeding. I know I can correct the bleeding. Pam

It is not exactly bleeding. It just disintegrates if it get damp and sticks to the felt nib of my pen. Sometime soon, before I send these to the Atlanta gallery, I want to let you see what I have done with it as far as drawings. It works great for botanicals. Your paper gives it a personality it would not have with any storebought stuff. We may have a great partnership here! Karen

Check out Karen's website!! She's extremely talented and busy!!

Would you like custom made paper? Contact me at
More posts to come showing how she used my paper!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Feast Day--An Accidental Happening

It all started out with a beef roast that I had thawed all day yesterday. I had planned on putting it the crock pot to cook all day. When I unwrapped the roast and found rib bones and t bones that wouldn't move, I enlisted the help and knowledge of my husband, who is an accomplished chef. We decided to cook it like a turkey in the oven. I had already chopped up garlic before this decision was made. We pasted the garlic on all sides of the roast, draped sliced onions on toothpicks and salt & peppered it. Then it was cooked with an aluminum foil tent for 3 1/2 hours. (While the oven was hot, I baked cookies for my son at college. ) Then for supper, I cooked acorn squash with butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, walnuts and cracker crumbs. I cooked brown rice.

Whew!! IT was a ton of work, but now we are set for meals during the week. I wish you could have stopped by for a plate!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well, Here I am again at a late notice at updating my blog!

I am offereing some of my Christmas cards on early sale.

Check them out:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Long Overdue Thank You

OK, I've already punished myself for not thanking my new friends on the thirty minutes of fame last month, so I feel like it's always better to Thank them late than not at all. So here is a short promo of the shops who brought me out of the newbie stage!! Thank You, Thank You!!

Here goes--
First, there's Angela of Angela's Paper Art. Her art form is quilling as well as many other paper styles.

Next, the curious cupcake who creates swarovski jewelry, chainmaille, and beaded flowers.

Turtle XIII features jewelry with sterling silver chains, wire, & findings along with swarovski crystals and other beads she can find!

Prendasbyenid specializes in jewelry, hair accessories, recycled, eco envelopes and eco friendly jewelry.

AbsintheDragonfly specializes in handmade natural perfumes.

Galla15 is a wonderful seller which specializes in handcrafted Czech glass button rings and swarvorski rings as well as bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

After reading, please check out these shops. There are many more special friends on the thirty minutes of fame thread.
Click here to go to the thread.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

FAME--Thirty Minutes of Fame!!

Andy Warhol said:
" prediction from the sixties finally came true: In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes."

Well, tomorrow night I have my chance at Fame on the etsy thread 30 minutes, 1 Sale...Make new Friends.

I have been on this thread for over two months and the artists are really nice and helpful. We each want success for the other. I hope you can make! You are also welcome to join the thread. Read the rules on page one

30 minutes of FAME!!!
Friday September 3th at 9:00pm(etsy time)
Visit,Chat,Buy,Sell.....You could be next!
Famous Shop:

A special surprise will be offered for buyers during this thirty minute time period. (9:00-9:30 etsy time)

See Ya Soon!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Neighbor Crafter in the Same City~

Well, as I was looking around crafters who hearted me on etsy, I found a person who lives in Asheville, where I live. Meet Linda aka BeckLeeCottage! She is a jeweler extraordinaire!! She not only takes new materials to create fantastic necklaces, bracelets and earrings, she also takes vintage jewelry to create new art pieces.

Tell me something about yourself.
All of my crafts started with some kind of
leftovers, fabric, clay, beads, or wood. My imagination would kick in and I would figure out some way to use the items. Also, I am a writer and co-authored a book in the 90’s (the Soul of A Writer)and have had some poetry published. I write ebooks and currently working on a murder mystery. I hand knot gems and pearls for a national design firm.

Wow--You are multi-talented!
How did you start with your current craft?
A friend gave me some wire and beads and I thought I should make something from it.

What do you like about your craft?
I love that you can take wire and beads and turn them into something fun or pretty.

Do you have a full time job?
Yes, I work full time at University of North Carolina at Asheville.

Would you like to be a full time crafter?
For sure, I would love to create from home.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us.
I love Etsy and selling is an education and I am slowly learning how to mix crafting with business.

Now take a look at some of her creations. Visit her shop and come back and tell us what your favorite items are from her shop. I'll give away 2 cards from my store using a random number generator!

I'll draw on Monday July 19 at 8 pm for the winner. Make and leave me a way to contact you!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Shopping on the Net!!

I never thought I would do it, but I ordered a dress on etsy from a wonderful seller, The Mayflower. Check out her shop here! Well, I am going to a wedding in New Mexico the end of July and saw this dress. I liked it and thought, "I wonder if this would look good on me?" I asked my son, Ashby, and my husband, Bob. They said YES.

So I bought it. The owner, Mai is wonderful! She asked me measurement questions and color preference and I sent her all the info. She had the dress made, packaged and shipped to me in record time. I ordered on Wednesday night, 6-30 and it was at my home by July 6. Talk about customer service!!
Here are some pictures of me in the dress.

Don't forget to check out her shop. She has jewelry as well as chic clothing.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Well, Hope you had a Happy 4th of July!

Gee, where has time gone?? It has been a month since I posted. I have broken my new year's resolutions to post more. Does anyone remember any of their New Year's resolutions?

Well, I have great news today--I'm featured in 2 treasuries!! I have 3 products listed between the 2. Hope you can take some time and give each treasury a visit.

I’m in two Treasuries—Check them out!
This treasury has 2 of my items:

Leave a comment there and one here as well. I promise to come back and visit often.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Craft Fair Booth Ready!

I'm ready for the craft fair season. I talked about buying an easy-up type tent from Walmart earlier. Then I went to yard sales and found my drapes and table cloths. My son, Ashby, made the table toppers out of paper and I already had the different displays.

Here my son and best friend, Gail, are clowning around in my booth. They will be the first to sell in my booth this Saturday.

Next, picture is me.

For 3 weekends in June (12, 19, 26), I'll be set up in downtown Asheville Art in the Park!
Check out the website for all the details!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Collage Artist and Fabulous Work!

As I was wandering around etsy the other day, I ran across this new shop which I absolutely fell in love with. She incorporates everything that I love--paper, photos, and other collage elements into fabulous notecards!

The store is The Collagebox by artchicnj. Check out her fabulous cards and hang tags!

Carole Gernett is the owner of this shop.

So Carole, Tell me something about yourself and how did you start with your current craft?

I have always painted. At one time I did only decorative painting on wood, tin and old furniture. I began my collage work when I needed to try something new. I still work on canvas and furniture but not as much. The thing I like about mixed media and collage is that I can combine different mediums including old photos (which I LOVE!) and ephemera. Then I can add my own drawings and 3D embellishments.....I never know what I'm going to end up with and that's half the fun! I don't usually plan out my work unless its for a specific theme or has to meet guidelines.

Do you have a full time job? If yes, what is it?

I do work F/T as a Beauty Advisor for Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics. Being an artist, I love to work with make-up.

Would you like to be a full time crafter?

Yes!! I would love to be a F/T crafter However, I do need a weekly salary and being a crafter does not guarantee that.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share a little of my self and my work.

You are very welcome, Carole. Now, go check out her shop and find your favorite items!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Look at the Match!

Jeepers!!! I can't believe that I haven't posted in nearly 3 weeks!! Shame on me!! Lots has been happening, but that should not be an excuse!!

Last week was the first week my son has been home from college, so my husband & I are adjusting to having an extra person in the house. I have to cook more and be on schedule detail.

The good thing about him being home is that he has boundless energy, so he was eager to go and help me buy my easy-up type tent for the crafting season. It is a light brown ochre color. From reading in forums on etsy, I knew I needed a backdrop or sheer curtains. So, luckily, a neighborhood was having a yard sale on Saturday. Ashby, my son, and I went and I was looking for curtains and cookie cutters for papermaking.

I found some natural color curtains for $3 but only 2. We kept stopping and looking and later on, I found the perfect match and with 6- 5 foot panels. There was no price and I asked--$3!! I was estatic. Look at the picture--Can you believe it?

Now I'm thinking that I will use the neutral color curtains as table cloths and then on Sunday, we were in a craft store and I saw the perfect color splash!! A large piece of handmade paper for the table. Those could be changed with the seasons!!!

Wow, I'm really excited about the coming craft season. When I set up I'll post some pictures!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Carry Art With You!!

As I was looking through my hearts and saw a new-to-me shop named mmsomewhere. As I was looking through the shop I found photo wallets! What a clever idea! marybeth is the owner of this shop and I asked her a few questions to find out more. As I was looking through the store, I found myself drawn to the wallets with pictures of where I had been, but the Seoul series is excellent.

Tell me something about yourself:
Being aware of my immediate surroundings and place in time is captured with a camera constantly. Moving and traveling keep me constantly inspired and seeing the world with fresh eyes. When I am not gathering eye candy, I can be found in my studio.
I don't like the idea of wasted time so I keep busy constantly.

How did you start with your current craft?
The photography market is very difficult for me to crack, so I needed a different way to get it out to the public. I really enjoy public art and because the wallets are utilitarian, people bring them out into the world with them.
Not only do they have art in their pockets, but it is being seen by a larger audience than the possible photo in a private living room.

What do you like about your craft?
I like having the final say in my designs and that people buy my work because they like how I interpret the world around me.

Do you have a full time job? If yes, what is it?
This is my full time job at the moment.
I will be doing the renegade fairs throughout this spring and summer. The first one is in Austin, May 15th, followed by Brooklyn in June and so on.
I also do some design work on the side for cd's, websites, etc.

Thanks for talking with me marybeth!! I enjoy your philosophy of having art to carry around with you. She has passport covers, checkbook covers, bike wallets and card wallets!
I'll be coming back to buy my favorite item, soon.

Check out mmsomewhere to find your favorite item!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!

It's so great to see spring and all the flowers! I'm looking forward to using them in my paper real soon. We are hosting my cousin, Terry and her husband Rych at our house tomorrow. We are having grilled chicken, brown rice, asparagus, guacamole, potatoes onions and peppers and a strawberry dessert tart/pie. We always have a good time, although my sister and her husband won't be here because they had already made plans.

What are you doing or did you do on Easter? Sharing time together is important.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I enjoy finding new shops in the big etsy world, and one easy way to find new shops is to look through the shops who heart you. PrairieStarJewels is one of those shops. When you visit her shop, you see a variety of stones, techniques, groupings and word pendant necklaces.

Tell me something about yourself.
I was born and raised in a small town in Iowa. I was introduced to crafting at a young age. Dad did fantastic woodworking and Mom did many crafts during the years, going back to her love of sewing and quilting. I myself have tole painted, macramé , painted on wood, and made and antiqued picture frames for years. After so many years with successful craft shows with the frames, I had to turn to something a little more creative and it became jewelry. My husband and I love to travel and I am always bringing rocks, shells, crystals, and all kinds of things home in the hope that I might be able to make something someday from it!

How did you start with your current craft?
Back in the good old 70’s, my best friend and I made and sold earring with colorful little feathers on them. They were fun and easy. After a 30 year hiatus from jewelry and all the other crafting I had done, my love of jewelry and being creative was awakened in me again. I went on a trip to Arizona and bought way to much in supplies, took some classes and started creating. My first show was a Mystical show in Des Moines. I learned more about the meaning of stones than I ever thought I would. People were buying my semi precious stone necklaces by feel instead of by looks!

What do you like about your craft?
What I like about jewelry making is that I can make a piece that says something or depicts a mood. I love metals and stones and the message you can give in each piece. I have always been a creative person and jewelry making fulfills me. Plus, I can take projects anywhere I go.

Do you have a full time job?
If yes, what is it?I have been laid off since July. I worked for an insurance company for 11 years before my job was eliminated. I worked in a training department, helping to create and monitor training. I am still looking for a job but am hoping it is a little less than full time.

Would you like to be full time at crafting?
Yes, yes, yes!!! I would love to craft full time. My mind is so full of ideas there seems to be no room for much else. My Etsy business is just getting started and I need to find some other avenues of marketing. The thing with jewelry is that the sky is the limit. I love mixing metals and stones. I also want to take some more metal smithing classes.

Please visit her store, come back and list your favorite item in her shop. I will giveaway a FREE business card holder similar to this one:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Walk The Line

We are slow to watch movies, but we saw Walk The Line on Saturday about Johnny Cash and how he struggled to become famous. I love Reese Witherspoon!! She played the part of June Carter so well. I love her chipper, fun loving stage presence! The real June Carter worked really hard and loved Johnny even when his family didn't support him, give him encouragement or love. Those three things are (I believe) crucial to every human's being. After watching the movie, I have a new appreciation of Johnny Cash's music. And, I have a few songs of his on a zen(mp3) that I bought over ebay. His voice is amazing and the actor (can't spell it) was fabulous too.

I have got to do better about posting!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wow, is it March already?

I blinked and time has flown by. It snowed again, my husband has been sick (on his birthday :-(
and now I have been sick:-(. A stomach flu is the worst.

I'm trying to get back in the groove. Making, photog'ing products, uploading pics. etc, etc. As I am typing I know I am not better and I keep backspacing to correct major errors.

Things that are coming up:

News Flash---My plantable card is featured on this blog Simply Said. Go and visit and see all the wonderful recycled, repurposed products.

Later this month, I'll be organizing a craft show at my school.

In April, I'm sending my paper to a show in Georgia.

This summer I'll be involved with Asheville Art in the Park. Click for information.

So lots happening. What are you up to?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can you think of 105 things?

Can you think of anything with 105 things or parts? Can you name 105 movies you have seen? Do you have 105 friends--probably yes with facebook and blog friends-and more probably more. My fantastic, amazing grandmother is 105!! Think back to 1905 and think of al lthe changes, innovations, and things that have become obsolete. My grandmother has seen them.
So I am in the prime of my life with lots more living to do!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chatting after Having Made Paper

Well, today was Saturday School in the county where I teach to make up for one of the many snow days we have taken....I was bummed about going to work and missing my grandmother's 105th birthday party, but school was only until 12:30. So I got to come home early and make paper in 53 degree weather!! The garage door was open and I had a blast. Seeing the paper I was making for a gallery put me in a great mood!!

Now I'm online, chatting for the SNS--Saturday Night Specials on Etsy!! Click on the link and find good buys all night long!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thinking of Spring

While I am home on another snow day, I am thinking of spring and the break that I will not see this year!! I am an elementary art teacher. We have had the most incredible winter with more snow, flurries and cold weather than I can ever remember!!

Over the weekend, I went into my studio and made some greeting cards with wildflower seeds in the pulp. Check them out! I think that it would be a fabulous eco friendly way to communicate! What do you think? What do you think of the words/greetings?
Thanks for your comments. I have been slack in commenting on your posts. Going to correct that now!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I just want to wish my blog friends a Happy Valentine's Day on the weekend. I hope you found just the right things for your sweetheart. I have the necessary chocolate--chocolate spoons from an etsy seller, Ghiradelli choco squares and a gift card to Barnes and Noble. For my 18 year old college student, basically the same with an Earth Fare gift card instead.

Then, here is the ironic thing I did--I went to Hallmark and spent $20 on cards!! As I was driving away, I was wondering why shoppers don't drop $20 on my handmade cards? Any thoughts?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Another Snow Day

Well, I've had another snow day from school. I'll be teaching well into the summer, it looks like. So I've tried to make good use of my time and totally feel like the opposite has happened. I started my day ordering envelopes for when I start production of stationery again, I've listed a new product on etsy and prepared 3 more for immediate download or upload (which ever you call it) for the future. I did stitch some gift/business card holders and am thinking about making some books.

What did you do today?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Photography Tips

As promised, I will share some of the tips I learned from my friend, Bruce, who helped me take pictures of my products for etsy. The one thing I know for sure is this: The more I know about taking pictures, the less I know about taking pictures!

1. You need a neutral background and/or a light box.

2. You need two good lights, daylight photo bulbs, preferred. I used one compact flourescent, one incandescent bulb and the natural light from my window. One light is directed at a 45 degree angle to the product to cast shadows and the other is for ambient light, but not to overpower the first light.

3. You need to experiment with your camera, learn the settings, how to change them and what they mean. You also need to use the timer to take the pictures, otherwise you(me, too) will shake the camera and make the picture blurry.

4. You need a tripod!!!!!

That's the equipment.

Camera settings: Go to menu, and click through the different settings. Each camera will be different, some are definitely the same.

You should have aperture which is how wide the lens opens. In simple terms, 2.8 is the widest, 8 and above are small openings.

Make sure you have your camera set to the best picture taking pixels available. This will allow for better quality.

Photometry is whether you are using one spot light or more.

White Balance allows for the camera to automatically balance between values.

Focus--Put on auto focus.

Sharpness or clarity is set for hard. (Two other settings are normal and soft.)

Flash is set at zero.

My camera allows for manual selection of aperture settings, shutter speed and manual setting of both on a small round dial.

As I was taking photos yesterday, I paid attention to the background, the position of my lights, and I played with reflecting more light onto my product with foamcore. I learned to make sure that my shutter speed was 100 or above for the light I was receiving yesterday.

Next, you need to use a photo editing software of your choice. I crop my photos, I adjust the color, and whiteness of the picture so that it closely matchs the product color. Did I say that I dumped a bunch of photos that I had taken because they didn't match my products? Well, I did and so will you. If you have questions, leave a comment. Other people may have the same question.
I don't profess to know it all, but I am determined to take the best photos of my paper as I can so that maybe one day my paper will be on the Front Page of Etsy!!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Jack be quick, Jack be nimble, Jack and Jill better hurry to the ihearthandmade site to enter a giveaway with one of my Valentine Journals! And then the same journal is featured in a Treasury!

Don't forget to read the inspiring stories for Haiti relief down below!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haiti Relief Efforts in 2 Etsy Stores!!

As I was perusing etsy stores and the forums I ran into to 2 stores who are offering a portion of their sales to go to the Haiti Relief effort. Please read their inspiring stories, visit and buy from them to help the Haitian people in the process. Fiberpuppy and Angelpupscreations are 2 very special stores!

Fiberpuppy is the first store.
Tell me something about yourself.
I live in Northern California with my husband and elderly dog. I tend to think outside the box. I am of the firm opinion that almost anything can be fixed with duct tape. Too bad my husband doesn't share this sentiment.
How did you start with your current craft?
At age 33, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. With Chemo and hairloss impending I did what all crazy people do. I had a party and had my friends dye my hair blue. (my mom even bought the dye). At the party, my friend gave me a hat that she had knit. Since it was looking like I was going to have a lot of stressful time on my hands I asked her to teach me to knit.I had so little to do and so little energy, I began to pass time in rows, feeling proud that I had at least something to show for my time. Then I discovered my local yarn store. They offered free drop in knitting classes every day. The woman who ran the classes was known (behind her back) as the knitting nazi. She was very proper and I think I sent her into heart failure when I presented my half knit socks which were knit inside out. But who can be too angry with someone so obviously going through cancer so I got a pass. I did not go out much but I pretty much went to the yarn store every day.Then I discovered felting and I was hooked. It was like a blow up version of shrinky dinks.

What do you like about your craft?
There's something magical about felt. It always comes out a little different than you thought. Perhaps the yarn dye makes it shrink a little less or a little more. It's always a surprise (hopefully a good one) when you open the washing machine.

Why did I choose to help with the Haiti Relief effort?
I guess I'm human and it is so hard to see the suffering going on in Haiti. I chose Doctors without Borders because they already had people on the ground and I thought the money would be well spent.

The next store is angelpupscreations.

Tell me something about yourself
I have three wonderful children aged 19, 21, and 23. Since they've grown, I've acquired two more children, my "angel pups" Big Mac and Molly, beautiful light-colored cockapoos. You can see them in my Etsy avatar ;-) Being winter in Massachusetts, we don't get out as much, but in the nicer weather we like to walk and hike in the area woods and parks. I also volunteer for a ministry at my church called "AngelFoodMinistries" ( which I truly enjoy. It allows me to meet many wonderful people.

How did you start your current craft?
I have been drawing and painting since I was a kid. Years ago I owned a house with a slate roof which had stacks of slate in the backyard. That's when I discovered painting on slate. For years I painted Christmas, birthday, and odds and ends gifts, but never considered selling them. I have been out of work for a bit and although I painted quite a bit over the holidays and colder months, during the summer I wanted to be outside instead of inside painting. That is when I started making simple jewelry items while sitting out on the deck! In November I saw an article about Etsy in a magazine and by then had plenty of "stock". So, I decided to give it a shot!

What do you like about your craft?
I really enjoy painting and find it relaxing and very satisfying to start with a blank gray piece of slate and work with it until it is a meaningful piece of art or something that brings a smile to someone's face. I find doing custom paintings very rewarding. It is wonderful to have someone ask you to paint a pet, or an image that is important to them and then experience their joy when they receive it.

Why did you choose to help with Haiti Relief Effort?
I am a regular supporter of the Samaritan's Purse organization, as well as other charities who provide relief around the world. On the morning of the earthquake, I logged onto the computer and read the headline about the event. I immediately said a prayer, saying "I don't know how I could help in this tragedy, but if there is a way, God please show me what it is." Then I opened my email and the first one was from Samaritan's Purse stating they had already dispatched emergency relief teams and asking for emergency donations.

Please help these 2 etsy stores help Haiti get much needed relief.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Learning Photography!!

I will be learning to make my product photography better this afternoon with my good friend, Bruce. He's going to help me using my camera, tripod, light box and my desk lamps. I'm excited to learn THE tricks of the trade. I'll share with my blog friends later in the week.

In the meantime, check out my featured artist--DiamondIsis. She has wonderful photographs of nature and wildlife. The two above photos are samples of her work.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Featured Artist--DiamondIsis

I am pleased to feature a brand new artist/photographer on etsy. Lena of DiamondIsis is a fabulous photographer with a humorous take on life with shore birds, tender moments with horses and classic black and white photography. She has full color prints as well.
When I was chatting with her, she gave me interesting information.

Tell me something about yourself.
I am excited to be a part of the Etsy community and plan to keep adding onto my storefront! I live in a town outside of Richmond, VA with my Fiancee' and our four legged daughter, Isis Diamond (my store name is her name backwards).

How did you start with your current craft?
Photography is my passion and what started as a hobby when I was a teenager became a staple in my life! I would visit wildlife refuges with my parents and I got to where I would always take my camera. Then I went to school at the Academy of Art to study photography for two years; it was nice to learn formally as I had been self taught up to that point.

Do you have a full time job? If yes, what is it? Would you like to be full time at crafting?

I would love to be able to pursue photography full time; but for now I work full time as an Accounts Receivable Specialist for a local company in Richmond, VA. But I keep up with my photography in all the spare time I can spare, lol.

What do you like about your craft?
What I love about photography is being able to capture a moment that is beautiful; and being able to share that for everyone to enjoy! My hope is that people will enjoy my work as much as I enjoy going out and finding those moments to share! :)

Let's welcome Lena to the world of online sales and encourage her. Check out her etsy store, DiamondIsis. PS I also hyperlinked my favorite photos from her store.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'll be finishing up some new paper bowls tonight by applying the glue coat to harden the surface for everyday wear. I'm letting you see a bowl that I have not listed yet on etsy. What do you think about it? Thanks for any input.
I am the yearbook editor for my elementary school. It is always amazing how the teachers react when you ask them for 2 photos of their class. 80% are just great, 10% are forgetful, 5% are slow and 1% are rude.(I don't think that they mean to be, but they don't understand my deadline.) The remaining 4% are clueless. Oh, well, it will be finished by Friday.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

And the Winner is ......

And the winner of the $25 gift Certificate is...................(drum roll, please)

WINDY CINDY!!!! Congratulations!! I'll be contacting you with information about your gift certificate!!

I want to thank you all for the valuable suggestions. I am working on each and every one. Keep checking back to watch for the improvements.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Busy as a Bee

Hi, blog friends!

I'm as busy as a bee!! I have a couple of new things going on. The music being played right now is on the music player to your right. Now You See Them is a great local group trying for national exposure and much needed money as you know musicians and artists always need! Click on this link to vote for them by downloading their new song--"Growing Older". You need to have a facebook account and friend Windows 7.

Next, I've finished setting up a shop with I Heart Handmade. The shop will be live on Saturday!! I'l post the link for that over the weekend.

And finally, don't forget to enter my BIG giveaway--$25.00 in my store. This will be ending on January 17 th at 8:00pm eastern standard time.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Corn Starch

Hi, I found these boxes of corn starch in my mom's house several years ago. HOw many of you used corn starch over the holidays? The Cream Corn Starch box fascinated me as it looked really old, so I did some research on both brands. Hope you enjoy the comparision. (Check out the price on the Cream Corn Starch box top)

The A.E. Staley Manufacturing Company (referred to henceforth as "Staley") was the first major company existing today to begin crushing soybeans to yield oil and meal; they started in 1922. Indeed Mr. A.E. Staley was one of the first Americans to see the great potential of the soybean as a source of oil, meal, and flour.

Augustus Eugene (Gene) Staley was born on 25 February 1867 in a log cabin in Randolph County near Julian, North Carolina, on his father's 265-acre red clay farm.

Busy with farm work, Gene dropped out of primary school after a few years. At age 14 he successfully sold a wagon load of his father's produce in the nearest town. Soon he decided he liked selling better than farming, so he left the farm in 1883 (at age 16) and went on the road selling food products, including starch, for various companies. In 1898 he founded his own company, A.E. Staley Manufacturing Company?? in Baltimore, Maryland, and began packaging and selling "Cream" corn starch.

In 1906 he incorporated the company in Baltimore. In 1909, wanting to manufacture his own corn starch, he bought a plant in Decatur, Illinois.

1892--Argo corn starch is launched. The name, Argo, continues to be a source of much conjecture even to the present. It may have derived from the fact that customer price lists were printed in alphabetical order, and the name Argo would appear above then-competitor Kingsford's.

1899--Argo, Kingsford's and two other starch companies merge to form the United Starch Company, a forerunner of The Corn Products Refining Co.

1940’s--A 1940s Argo Corn Starch label features a recipe for corn-starch based Creative Clay, a homemade moldable material that children can use to fashion ornaments and gifts.
1964--A new corn maiden appears on the Argo corn starch package.
Information from and

Friday, January 1, 2010


I am starting the new year off with a super dooper giveaway to celebrate one year of blogging!! On January 17, 2009 I came into this world of blogging. I will be giving a $25 gift certificate to my store to one lucky person who posts here on my blog.

The Rules:

Go to my store. Find your favorite product. Post the link in a comment. (1 entry)
Post a suggestion for me to improve my store. (1 entry)
Follow my blog--tell me in a separate entry. (1 entry)

I will use a random number generator to select the winner on January 17, 2010 at 8 pm. Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you in your entries.

This is open to all participants on etsy and my blog.



What kind of seeds would you buy in a handmade paper card?