Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Brand New Coptic Stitch Journal with Hand Made Paper

My hardbound journal has hand made paper covering the front and back covers for an elegant recycled feel.

The vintage chocolate button and soft tan color of handmade paper make this journal a gift for the new year.

A vintage stamp is hand stamped asymmetrically on the left.

Mottled taupe hand made paper covers each signature and and there is a slight difference between signatures combining for a pattern.

My friend, Erin Keane, at Artistry Studio, has helped me learn the coptic stitch and here is the result of that learning!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Hand Marbled and Hand Made Paper Thank You Cards

Whoa, Has it really been 2 months since I blogged? Spank me!!

Oh well, life gets in the way. I have been creating new products and going to craft shows which wipe me out.

Here's a new set of Thank You cards.

These five Thank You cards are special because they are totally handmade, they are bright, colorful and very personal.

First, the main paper is hand made abaca paper with sizing.

Second, the front covers have been marbled. Marbling is the 17th Century technique of floating paint on a thickened water surface and drawing a design.

When the paper is dry, the sizing prevents any ink pen from bleeding or feathering when you write your message.

Use these cards as thank you's during your busy holiday season! Visit my store for more special cards for the season!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Modern Natural Hand Made Paper Light with Scarlet Red Oak Leaves Series 200

Here is my next lamp. Modern Natural Hand Made Paper Light with Scarlet Red Oak Leaves Series 200. I found that this lamp was much easier to make, (Thanks, Ashby for helping with the sawing and drilling!)

My earthy handmade paper light with scarlet red oak leaves on three sides is a modern addition to a small table or night stand.

I am excited about this light because of all the recycling, upcycling and natural items I have incorporated. The pine wood base is salvaged from old shelving, the stick supports are from the forest, and the electrical cord is upcycled from an old lamp.

Take a look around my shop for other exciting paper products here.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ivory Hand Made Paper Chinese Good Luck Symbol Journal

This ivory handmade paper Chinese good luck symbol is a beautifully made and constructed journal.

The unusual spine is real bamboo that has dried to a light green color.

The bamboo spine makes this so cover journal sturdier.

The ivory handmade paper cover is acid free and has sizing which allowed the painting of the Chinese symbol for "Good Luck".

My unique spine of green bamboo is included in the Japanese stab binding which holds 30 blank pages (60 front and back). The bamboo will change colors while you live your life as a work of art!

Visit PaperMajik to find this journal and many more!!

What kind of symbol would you like painted on the cover??

Saturday, September 3, 2011

HandMade Paper Rosh Hashanah Card

Celebrate Jewish New Year with my Hand Made Paper Rosh Hashanah Card and Abstract Ram's Horn.

I talked to my friend to make sure this is appropriate for the season and he said yes!

Rosh Hashanah is coming up on September 29. Why not send a hand made paper card this year! I have extras, just let me know.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Handmade Paper Journal Cover with Vintage Photo Of Couple and Vintage Patriotic Stamps

I started thinking about the up coming Labor Day holiday and our Soldiers. We are so lucky to live in the US and I am very proud of all of the military. So to honor the soldiers and their families who have sacrificed, I created this journal with a vintage photo of a couple, 2 vintage stamps supporting the military and the steel industry and vintage navy blue beads from West Germany.

The vintage photo of a couple is glued in the upper right hand corner and the words Proud To Be American individual hand stamped letters.

An american flag decal is placed over the photo to add mystery and drama.

The theme of the journal is Patriotism and American.

I'm pleased with the white stitching along the spine and the beads--4 navy blue vintage West Germany interlocking, five letter beads spelling P-E-A-C-E.

Do you know some one in the military? Share your stories.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Nature Loving Scrapbooking paper

Hand Made Paper Scrapbooking Collection 8--3 Woodland Green and 3 Rustic Ochre Papers are muted colors that will fit into the nature lovers memory books.
Irregularities are a feature of the hand papermaking process because no two pieces of paper catch the fibers in the same manner.

You will receive 3 each 5" x 7"--woodland green with darker green specks, and rustic yellow ochre with ground leaf matter.

Each paper has a deckle edge.

A deckle edge is created when the pulp is caught in the mould and deckle frame set.

Visit my store here for more papers.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brand New!!

Hand Made Paper Journal With Coptic Stitch Binding--broomsedge tan paper around 5 signatures and recycled brown bag as the end papers.
This journal has a great feel because the five signatures are stitched into the spine and the 5 3/4" x 4 3/8" inch size. It is perfect for holding.

Each signature has ten pages 5 1/4" x 4 1/4" of artic white paper stitched in the center. When folded that is 20 pages.

The total pages in this limited edition journal is 100 pages.

My coptic stitch journal is unique because my handmade paper separates each section of papers.

I showed this to my son and he likes the weight and feel of the journal.
Then I showed it to my sister and she said, "wow, this would be great for grandmothers. Each signature would be for each grand child. You could customize the number of signatures that the grandmother needed!" What a great idea, Sis!!! I love you!

So folks, who would like a customized, handmade paper covered, coptic stitch journal?? Even if you are not a grandmother, I can customize a journal for you!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What inspires Me?

My husband and I went on a trip with a couple of very dear friends to the Great Smoky Mountains this weekend. We went hiking for three days when it dawned on me that maybe my readers would be interested in what inspires me. So I will show you a couple of pictures which I took and then show you one of my newest cards.

I love to look at the mountains and the different layers for a vista or wide view. Then when we are walking in the woods and I see the ferns, leaves, flowers, etc close-up, I want to combine all into one small card front. I may put in a color for a sun or a moon-(Gee, that's a good idea), blue for the hint of sky and then a plant close-up for perspective.

I really am creating a quality card that my customers will be proud to send. It's important when, if you are like me, a person only sends a card occassionally to a very good friend or relative.

What are your thoughts on who you would send a very special card?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

PaperMajik Reveals New Project!!

Papermajik reveals new project, soon to be in her store..

Do you remember a few posts ago when I had a picture of what looked like a pile of sticks?

Well, as promised, you get the first look at what I created--a paper lamp. This is my paper with gingko leaves pressed into the paper. The lamp is constructed of basswood which I cut, stained, glued and screwed together to hold a small light bulb (night light size).

I wanted to create this as an accessory to one's home.

This is a proto-type as I was learning while I created. What should I charge for the lamp? I really need your input--$30, $60, ???

Thanks for looking and giving your help.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hand Made Paper Journal Cover--Florida Vacation

It's vacation time!!! How many of you are going on a vacation? Where are you going? Tell me all about your vacation plans!!

My plans this summer are to renovate my kitchen. I will be painting, a plumber is coming in to fix a leak, the cabinets have to be moved, the floor fixed and then the cabinets will be replaced. This all sounds simple, but I have been stressing out about the coordinating. I'll show some pictures later on.

So, I am dreaming of a summer vacation. That's why I created this journal.

My Hand Made Paper Journal Cover--Florida Vacation is ready to go with you and capture your memories of a fast fleeting time-off from work.

A brown paper bag is recycled as the handmade paper base for the journal. Map pieces were also blended into the pulp to give a unique appearance to the paper.

The bead dangle has a shell, green pearl and black triangular bead.

Can't wait to hear about your vacation plans!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hand Made Paper Scrapbooking Collection 3--Orange, Mauve, Light Green, Yellow-Orange and Tan

After a flurry of sales of my handmade paper for scrapbooking, I have decided to try a few more series or collections of my papers for sale. Here is the next collection.

Hand Made Paper Scrapbooking Collection-Orange, Mauve, Light Green, Yellow-Orange and Tan Paper are a group of unique papers which I have made over the year and are perfect for your scrapbooking needs.

Irregularities are a feature of the hand papermaking process because no two pieces of paper catch the fibers in the same manner.

You will receive 1 each 5" x 7"--bright orange with black and confetti, muted mauve with fabric shreds, light green with darker green pulp yellow-ornage with blue and gold glitter and one oure abaca piece measuring 5 3/4 x 8 1/4.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Black Hand Made Paper Journal--Classic and Natural

I have ONLY one big black handmade paper journal with green raffia and blue sparkles!! It is classic and natural!

Is it going to be yours?

You can carry it around to jot down thoughts as they come in your mind.

A soft, handmade paper cover sparkles with glitter and confetti, like ideas, covering 30 pages of Classic Laid White Frost machined paper for easy writing.

The cover is japanese stab stitched with green raffia, binding all the pages together.

The size is 7" x 9".

Monday, July 11, 2011

Small Red Heart Hand Made Paper Journal with Feathery Fabric

Paper Majik is pleased to offer this Small Red Heart Hand Made Paper Journal with Feathery Fabric. The handmade paper cover is stitched to bind 20 blank pages for your creative thoughts. (Counting front and back of the paper, you will have 40 pages for creative inspiration.)

Notice the deckle edges of the handmade paper.

In all the photos, look for flecks of fabric. I cut up fabric and blended the pieces to add texture to my paper.

I'm inspired to relist this journal because I had a fabulous sale of 3 journals today!!

More pictures of a what is it tomorrow!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

What is It??

Ok, folks, I 'm starting to work a little harder on my blog. So here is a photo or two of a project that I am working on right now. I would like for you to guess what it is.

I'll give more photos as this work progresses and you will be the first to see the finished project.

So leave me a comment/guess.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hand Made Single Recycled School Paper Herb Seed Card--Oregano

A single hand made recycled school paper herb seed card with a red heart has tiny oregano seeds!! Making paper cards and recycling school paper is even better with hearts and bumpy earth ready seeds!

The small bumps under each heart are seeds. Did I say small? These seeds are as tiny as the periods on this page! I had to wet my pinky finger to place the seeds on the card!

The paper is recycled school paper, so you will be saving the earth too.

IMPORTANT NOTE-- No school children were harmed in the production of these cards, only their school work!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

I wish everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July!! Enjoy what you are doing, enjoy who you are with and remember how we acquired this freedom. Many people, who are braver than I am, go and fight in another land, or on our soil to preserve our freedom.


Friday, July 1, 2011

By the way, I have had computer issues--monitor was turning yellow and making it hard to read. I now have a flat screen and wireless keyboard and mouse!! I'll be blogging more now!!

Check out my musician friend who is preparing to produce his first album!! I work with his talented wife who is an art teacher like myself. The album is named The World As I See it. Check him out!!

Support talented musicians!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Plantable Hand Made Card

This plantable handmade card is loaded with Yellow Coreopsis seeds to wish a special Happy Birthday!!

Do you love to save the earth? Do you love gardening? Do you love flowers? Do you love to send notes to friends? Well, this yellow coreopsis flower card with seeds is for you!!

I am enjoying creating this line of plantable cards. At last weekend's craft fair, majik seed bombs, and plantable cards were my top sellers.

Here's the link to my earlier blog post about starting out with specific seeds behind a paper heart.


What seeds would you like to find in a plantable card? Vegetable, herb, flowers? I love to get new ideas from you!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Proud Parents!

Baby Birds Fledge!!

Hi, nature is so amazing!! I spent the better part of yesterday watching a nest of carolina wren babies fledge!! I felt like I was the mother. At about 11 am, my husband and son called me to the back porch to watch the nest. The bird parents were feeding the babies constantly. Everytime the parent would come with food, they would not get close so the babies had to stretch to reach the worm or insect. Wings would flutter out but the babies would climb back in the birdhouse. One fell out of the birdhouse and we proceeded to be worried about it. It hopped and found it's way up the tree trunk where the house was, not once but 3 times!! It did not climb in. The parents continued feeding the remaining babies until all had fallen out of the nest.

Three babies made it up the tree trunk where home was but the last two babies stuck together and hopped all over our backyard away from where daddy was wanting them to go. He kept watching, while mom was in the holly trees with the 3 other babies. These last two were independent thinkers and doers and did not follow the brothers and sisters! :-)

We left them last night and hoped that they made it through the night safely, but I was plumb worn out!! I felt like I had taught those little creatures myself!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Custom Wedding Scrapbook

Hey, Blog Friends!!

I have been so busy on a special project and now it is finished! I want to share it with you!!

This is a custom journal/scrapbook with every part--pages and covers--using handmade paper!! The bride and groom wanted the colors of their wedding included in the pulp--mint green and red violet fabric. The couple wanted natural materials included aas well.

'>Take a look at the slide show here.

I am very pleased with the results~!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's been a LONG, LONG time, friends!

Thank you for all the comments and inquiries into my whereabouts---just joking!! I really hope that many of you have wondered where I was.

I had an exptremely busy April with lots of up and downs at work and then the last week in April was my spring break. My husband and I celebrated our 26th anniversary at our faovrite beach--Edisto in South Carolina. I came back very relaxed!!

Today, my son, Ashby, and I went yard saleing--is that the correct usage of -ing??:-)

Above is one of my many purchases. I like to stamp greetings on my handmade paper cards and I found, with my son's help, 2 different Thank You's, With Sympathy, Get Well Soon a postage stamp and a plant and 3 different stamp pads. Ashby reminded me that the price of stamps can be as high as $6 each and then the ink stamp pads can be $4 so I was armed and ready to negotiate. The lady saw what I had and counted 50 cents a stamp and $1 each for the ink pads and said, how about $5 for all. I said Yes, without any negotiating!!

I love yard sales!! There's another big one next weekend and we are going!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Looking Forward to Saturday!

In case anyone is interested, after a long agonizing week babying my left forefinger, I think I am going to Live hahaha. Well, it really is not as bad as I thought at the time, but I am still not typing with it because of the pressure hurts my finger tip, and it makes interesting to type without one finger. Tomorrow, I will finish making the paper for the custom journal. I couldn't make it all last week because the paper is big--13 x 19, just fitting in my hydraulic press, I didn't have lots of blankets to press on (only 10) and I didn't have enough cardboard. But I'll finish this weekend. If you would like to watch a video about papermaking, click on this link and you will see a nice video that my son helped me make when I had my paintingpam etsy store. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1060147998712&ref=mf

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Featured Artist Sunday!!

My featured artist today is all the way from Istanbul, Turkey!! Welcome to Acya!! She was very eager to share information about her talent and personal life.

She is 35 years old, has been married nearly 8 years and has an almost 3 year old daughter.

She learned to knit and crochet from my mother when I was 6 or 7 years old.. That's often how the skill is passed down. Therefore, I have nearly 29 years of experience in knit & crochet work.

Professionally, also known as making money, she has been knitting and crocheting the last 2 1/2 years..

Before that I was knitting & crocheting for myself, and my friends as a gifts.

After Oyku, my daughter, was born and to get rid of postpartum depression; I started to search for an online shop and I met with Etsy :)

My first favorite part for knit & crochet "go-off"part because it means my creative design is finished. "When I am working the design is in my mind. I don't use pattern ( usually )."

Therefore when I started my etsy shop, only my dreams, my love, and enthusiasm for knitting helped me become better at my skill.

My second favorite part is "feedback" from customers.

"I design an item with LOVE and care + best quality materials + excellent customer service = HAPPY & returning customer." Well said Ayca!!

In five years, I plan to still be a good mom, to still be a good wife and to still be a healthy female!!

Great Plan! Meanwhile in my store, I will spread my name and designs worldwide--WATCH out world!! Here comes Acya. Now ladies and gentlemen, Help boost Acya's worldwide reach by going to her shop and finding your favorite item!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I learned how to cut fabric fast...and a whole lot more!!

I am working on a custom order journal. The customer wants fabric chips which I agree I can add.

Well, I'm feeling a little rushed as I have just about a month to complete the job. So I remember that I can use a rotary cutter to chop the fabric up fast.

However, I haven't used it for 10 years and it's harder than I think, so I go and buy a new blade at a fabric shop. That works like a charm. I am whizzing through the fabric and within a square foot of finishing, when I roll over my finger. I say ouch and start to continue cutting when I see red at the end of my finger.

I cut a huge chunk of my finger tip off (It was left in the blade, ewww!) I spent the next 15 minutes trying to get the bleeding to stop.

After about 8 different kinds of bandaids and lots of Kleenex, the bleeding did stop. Now I have a peg for my pointer finger to type with.:=)

And you can see that I finished cutting all the fabric, and I maght add that there is no red on the pieces.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Featured Artist Sunday!!

Hi, I am back in the swing of my features now and I had a quick reply to my surprise convo, sooooo the featured artist is Whysper Fairy! It is fun to do this feature because I find out about artists who have hearted my shop and learn that they also read my blog. When you think no one is around...watch out. Two eyes are looking and reading. Such is the case with Whysper Fairy.

Now on to the interview:

how I got started crafting?

I don't really remember. I have been crafting different things for over 30 years. I love garage sales and find a lot of things to re-purpose or use in my crafts on the weekends at those. That is the best way to find goodies!!
I hoard....I mean collect everything if I think I will use it in crafting some day. I have an entire closet filled with "stuff I'm going to use one day!" I have four stores on Etsy due to my varied interests. Wow, I can't imagine managing 4 stores, I have a hard time with one. I love making soap. Decorative Victorian pretty soap is my favorite. Although I also love the look of organic brown square goats milk soaps too. :)

I sell soap in Julies Sparkly Bits although it started as a vintage shop as I love vintage too. Lol

I love finding vintage and antique jewelry. If it is a good piece I'll sell it as is. If it is broken I'll tear it up more and use pieces to make beautiful Victorian themed brooches. I also love hippie beads, findings and the hemp jewelry. I love buttons and ribbons and bows, cute findings and sparkly things. These things you will find in my shop Dinkalulu here on Etsy and Julies Little Bits.

My latest shop Whysper Fairy was born of trying to find a good inexpensive soap mold. It was hard to find what I wanted and for a reasonable price so......I figured out how to make molds and made it myself. I loved making molds and just never stopped. Now I have this store selling my molds so other people can make great soaps, fondant pieces, resin and PMC and clay jewelry!

Favorite part of what I do is working completely from home. That's is Great!!
I love what I do. After 30 years of working for someone else I am finally able to work solely in my shops and sell online. My dream has finally come true! Congratulations, it can be done!

In 5 years I see myself still crafting and making beautiful things. Hope to have some Grandchildren to visit by then too! Your children must be a little older than my son:-)
Thank you for this wonderfully inspiring interview!!
OK, Check out her shop, Whysper Fairy through the name or any picture!! Tell us what you like best from her shop. Have anyone bought from Whysper already?

iPhone vs. Droid

I am excitedly looking into to buying a new phone. I currently have a flip phone, which I love, but it's time to upgrade. I have had in mind buying a droid because I have several friends who have one and totally love it. The reason I want to upgrade is to take credit cards at craft fairs.

So yesterday, I went shopping with my college son. I let the salesman walk me through all the the different phones and talk about the pros and cons of each. (I didn't let him know I was interested in a droid) So he showed me the thunderbolt , Droid x, and the iPhone.

Wow, they are all impressive!! Price wise, the iPhone is the best bargain. I never thought I would want an apple product, but after seeing how it works...how could you want anything else.

What are your experiences with either the droid or the iPhone? Are they equal? Easy to use? Easy to use with etsy?

Thanks for your comments?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Featured Artist Sunday, but wait, Today is Monday!!

My features have taken a spring break, but now I am back, although one day late, to posting about fabulous shops who have hearted me. This week's winner is ... drumroll...flowersbyljp!

Read on for her fascinating story-
I got started pressing flowers about four years ago. I had quit my job to care for my elderly mother full-time and had lots of time to get creative. We both loved gardening and flowers so she would help me start plants from seeds.

I was browsing the crafting section of books at the library and found one on how to press flowers. So I began pressing flowers from my garden in phone books, then using them to create cards and bookmarks or to decorate picture frames.

My favorite part is that I've tried several types of crafting and keep looking for new ways to be creative.

I've done French beading (making flowers by stringing tiny seed beads onto wire and twisting the wire into flower shapes), make beaded jewelry, beaded bobby hair pins, and vintage postage stamp magnets.

In five years, I'd like to be done de-stashing the vintage postage stamps, linens, and purses that I inherited from my parents and aunt and be listing only my crafts on my Etsy shop!

And hold on to your hats: Laurie, wants to give some lucky person a choice of one item FREE from her shop.

Now that deserves a round of applause!! Check back here on Friday to see who wins a free trip to flowersbyljp!!
Click on any picture or Laurie's store name to go and visit her wonderful store!!



What kind of seeds would you buy in a handmade paper card?