Friday, April 15, 2011

Looking Forward to Saturday!

In case anyone is interested, after a long agonizing week babying my left forefinger, I think I am going to Live hahaha. Well, it really is not as bad as I thought at the time, but I am still not typing with it because of the pressure hurts my finger tip, and it makes interesting to type without one finger. Tomorrow, I will finish making the paper for the custom journal. I couldn't make it all last week because the paper is big--13 x 19, just fitting in my hydraulic press, I didn't have lots of blankets to press on (only 10) and I didn't have enough cardboard. But I'll finish this weekend. If you would like to watch a video about papermaking, click on this link and you will see a nice video that my son helped me make when I had my paintingpam etsy store.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Featured Artist Sunday!!

My featured artist today is all the way from Istanbul, Turkey!! Welcome to Acya!! She was very eager to share information about her talent and personal life.

She is 35 years old, has been married nearly 8 years and has an almost 3 year old daughter.

She learned to knit and crochet from my mother when I was 6 or 7 years old.. That's often how the skill is passed down. Therefore, I have nearly 29 years of experience in knit & crochet work.

Professionally, also known as making money, she has been knitting and crocheting the last 2 1/2 years..

Before that I was knitting & crocheting for myself, and my friends as a gifts.

After Oyku, my daughter, was born and to get rid of postpartum depression; I started to search for an online shop and I met with Etsy :)

My first favorite part for knit & crochet "go-off"part because it means my creative design is finished. "When I am working the design is in my mind. I don't use pattern ( usually )."

Therefore when I started my etsy shop, only my dreams, my love, and enthusiasm for knitting helped me become better at my skill.

My second favorite part is "feedback" from customers.

"I design an item with LOVE and care + best quality materials + excellent customer service = HAPPY & returning customer." Well said Ayca!!

In five years, I plan to still be a good mom, to still be a good wife and to still be a healthy female!!

Great Plan! Meanwhile in my store, I will spread my name and designs worldwide--WATCH out world!! Here comes Acya. Now ladies and gentlemen, Help boost Acya's worldwide reach by going to her shop and finding your favorite item!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I learned how to cut fabric fast...and a whole lot more!!

I am working on a custom order journal. The customer wants fabric chips which I agree I can add.

Well, I'm feeling a little rushed as I have just about a month to complete the job. So I remember that I can use a rotary cutter to chop the fabric up fast.

However, I haven't used it for 10 years and it's harder than I think, so I go and buy a new blade at a fabric shop. That works like a charm. I am whizzing through the fabric and within a square foot of finishing, when I roll over my finger. I say ouch and start to continue cutting when I see red at the end of my finger.

I cut a huge chunk of my finger tip off (It was left in the blade, ewww!) I spent the next 15 minutes trying to get the bleeding to stop.

After about 8 different kinds of bandaids and lots of Kleenex, the bleeding did stop. Now I have a peg for my pointer finger to type with.:=)

And you can see that I finished cutting all the fabric, and I maght add that there is no red on the pieces.



What kind of seeds would you buy in a handmade paper card?