Friday, December 18, 2009


YEEHAW...IT's snowing to beat the band!!Five O'clock and it's still coming down. My wish was granted and there was no school. I have made put finishing touches on gifts, wrapped them and mailed some Christmas Cards.
Facts about snow:
Snowflakes start as ice crystals that are the size of a speck of dust. When the crystals fall they join up with other crystals to form a snowflake. The size of the snowflake depends on how many crystals hook together. Snowflakes usually have six sides. Here are the different kinds of snowflake shapes.
For it to snow the tops of the clouds must be below 0 degrees Celsius, or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Snow can come from any cloud that is layered.

Sometimes the snow can be feet deep in one place while it is bare in another because the wind has blown all the snow off that spot.

As snow falls snowflakes connect to make bigger snowflakes.

Snow at the North and South Pole reflect heat into space!! That happens because the ice acts like a mirror with the heat of the sun, and the heat bounces off the ice and into space.


  1. Thanks, Owlsomegifts! We are loving the snow!

  2. ooh this is the kind of snow I am hoping we get for christmas hehe. thanks for sharing the awesome pics paintingpam

  3. Very cool facts! The pictures are stunning! It snowed here is Louisiana about 2 weeks ago. It was amazing to me, simply amazing! It of course was nothing like your pictures! Just a couple inches and most was gone by morning. Ahh oh well!

  4. Thanks for commenting cappysue and pinkpixiedesigns!

  5. You're so lucky! We had a tease of snow - just enough to dust the streets.

  6. Gorgeous snow pics.. I'm in Calif. with no snow for Christmas.. POO!!!! Love your blog.. and thanks for following mine. I have added your name to my Dec. giveaway

    Happy Day!


  7. Thanks for the comments 1337Art and Tamaralove! Thanks for entering me in a contest! One of these days I will win!!


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