Saturday, October 10, 2009

Booth Displays and Successful Saturdays

I finished my second Saturday at Art in the Park in downtown Asheville. It was a rainy iffy type day. I had to decide whether to be inside or outside with my paper. I had an ez-up style tent and chose outside to be in the main flow of traffic. The rain was not that bad. I shifted my tables in and out depending on rain or no rain.
The top photo is last weeks' booth set-up. This week, I double draped my table, used hair clips to hold the fabric to the table legs and used the table drapes last week as a backdrop. I fairly happy with it. I spent $4 for the hair clips at Dollar Tree.

I made the right decision. The sales were almost like last weeks. I am very happy!! I lost one sale that would have made the show fantastic. If you do craft shows, do you have a credit card machine? What are the costs and fees? I'd appreciate any feedback.


  1. Your booths look really great and I am really glad that you are doing well.

    Can't help you with the credit card thing since we have never done a craft show.

  2. Hi Pam, love your blog. Very, very nice. I used to do lots of craft shows and belonged to a crafter's association which supported our use of a merchant's account. Accepting credit cards is a definite plus, especially if most items are over $20.00. People tend to make impulse purchases with credit cards and those sales really make a difference. I am not currently doing craft shows but I think I read a little while back that paypal has a way for sellers to accept payment when away from the PC, maybe over the cell phone???

    Best of luck this season and always,


  3. Hey, Thanks Cleopatra's Closet. I've gotten lots of feedback and ideas on etsy. I like the idea of paypal and cellphone.


  4. Look into propay for credit cards. It's very reasonable!


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