Thursday, October 1, 2009

Display Rack is ready for the Show!!

I promised another installment on my cost effective card display, however real work has gotten in the way and I've not had time to blog. I'm sorry, yeah that I have to work!

Here are the pics. My husband says that the price totals in previous blog will really create 2 displays like the
one I'm showing. The Crayola containers are velcroed to the
boards which Bob sawed and chiseled to make the side pieces sturdy. They are hinged and the top piece fits snuggly to also hold the unit together. When I have time, the top piece will be a sign for my stationery and be larger.

Thanks for reading. I'm excited about Saturday's show in downtown.


  1. Hey Pam!! How are you?? I love this idea..this is awesome's such a great idea and I like the velcro use...thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Wow, that really looks great and thanks for letting us know how the 2 of you did it.

    Good luck with the show on Saturday :)


  3. Amazing! It is truly wonderful what can happen when 2 great minds get tog. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Regards, T.


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