Monday, April 19, 2010

Carry Art With You!!

As I was looking through my hearts and saw a new-to-me shop named mmsomewhere. As I was looking through the shop I found photo wallets! What a clever idea! marybeth is the owner of this shop and I asked her a few questions to find out more. As I was looking through the store, I found myself drawn to the wallets with pictures of where I had been, but the Seoul series is excellent.

Tell me something about yourself:
Being aware of my immediate surroundings and place in time is captured with a camera constantly. Moving and traveling keep me constantly inspired and seeing the world with fresh eyes. When I am not gathering eye candy, I can be found in my studio.
I don't like the idea of wasted time so I keep busy constantly.

How did you start with your current craft?
The photography market is very difficult for me to crack, so I needed a different way to get it out to the public. I really enjoy public art and because the wallets are utilitarian, people bring them out into the world with them.
Not only do they have art in their pockets, but it is being seen by a larger audience than the possible photo in a private living room.

What do you like about your craft?
I like having the final say in my designs and that people buy my work because they like how I interpret the world around me.

Do you have a full time job? If yes, what is it?
This is my full time job at the moment.
I will be doing the renegade fairs throughout this spring and summer. The first one is in Austin, May 15th, followed by Brooklyn in June and so on.
I also do some design work on the side for cd's, websites, etc.

Thanks for talking with me marybeth!! I enjoy your philosophy of having art to carry around with you. She has passport covers, checkbook covers, bike wallets and card wallets!
I'll be coming back to buy my favorite item, soon.

Check out mmsomewhere to find your favorite item!!


  1. great idea! if only i thought of it first!! haha :)

  2. these are great - so creative!

  3. beautiful idea ~ they look really great :)


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