Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Look at the Match!

Jeepers!!! I can't believe that I haven't posted in nearly 3 weeks!! Shame on me!! Lots has been happening, but that should not be an excuse!!

Last week was the first week my son has been home from college, so my husband & I are adjusting to having an extra person in the house. I have to cook more and be on schedule detail.

The good thing about him being home is that he has boundless energy, so he was eager to go and help me buy my easy-up type tent for the crafting season. It is a light brown ochre color. From reading in forums on etsy, I knew I needed a backdrop or sheer curtains. So, luckily, a neighborhood was having a yard sale on Saturday. Ashby, my son, and I went and I was looking for curtains and cookie cutters for papermaking.

I found some natural color curtains for $3 but only 2. We kept stopping and looking and later on, I found the perfect match and with 6- 5 foot panels. There was no price and I asked--$3!! I was estatic. Look at the picture--Can you believe it?

Now I'm thinking that I will use the neutral color curtains as table cloths and then on Sunday, we were in a craft store and I saw the perfect color splash!! A large piece of handmade paper for the table. Those could be changed with the seasons!!!

Wow, I'm really excited about the coming craft season. When I set up I'll post some pictures!

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