Saturday, June 18, 2011

Proud Parents!

Baby Birds Fledge!!

Hi, nature is so amazing!! I spent the better part of yesterday watching a nest of carolina wren babies fledge!! I felt like I was the mother. At about 11 am, my husband and son called me to the back porch to watch the nest. The bird parents were feeding the babies constantly. Everytime the parent would come with food, they would not get close so the babies had to stretch to reach the worm or insect. Wings would flutter out but the babies would climb back in the birdhouse. One fell out of the birdhouse and we proceeded to be worried about it. It hopped and found it's way up the tree trunk where the house was, not once but 3 times!! It did not climb in. The parents continued feeding the remaining babies until all had fallen out of the nest.

Three babies made it up the tree trunk where home was but the last two babies stuck together and hopped all over our backyard away from where daddy was wanting them to go. He kept watching, while mom was in the holly trees with the 3 other babies. These last two were independent thinkers and doers and did not follow the brothers and sisters! :-)

We left them last night and hoped that they made it through the night safely, but I was plumb worn out!! I felt like I had taught those little creatures myself!!


  1. wow! that's awesome right there! such a cool experience and to be able to share that with your own family, that's really neat!


  2. Charming. I have wrens that nest in a house I have in my front yard. I hear them sing, the babies twitter, sound an alarm from my living room, healing room and bedroom. I love watching mom and dad tag-teaming to feed the wee ones.

    Gotta love the little wren! :)

  3. Thanks, Ladies!! It is now so quiet!


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