Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Plantable Hand Made Card

This plantable handmade card is loaded with Yellow Coreopsis seeds to wish a special Happy Birthday!!

Do you love to save the earth? Do you love gardening? Do you love flowers? Do you love to send notes to friends? Well, this yellow coreopsis flower card with seeds is for you!!

I am enjoying creating this line of plantable cards. At last weekend's craft fair, majik seed bombs, and plantable cards were my top sellers.

Here's the link to my earlier blog post about starting out with specific seeds behind a paper heart.


What seeds would you like to find in a plantable card? Vegetable, herb, flowers? I love to get new ideas from you!


  1. that's awesome. beautiful card.

  2. By the way, I have had computer issues--monitor was turning yellow and making it hard to read. I now have a flat screen and wireless keyboard and mouse!! I'll be blogging more now!!

  3. Well, you have to be quick--this yellow coreopsis card is sold!!


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What kind of seeds would you buy in a handmade paper card?