Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Hand Marbled and Hand Made Paper Thank You Cards

Whoa, Has it really been 2 months since I blogged? Spank me!!

Oh well, life gets in the way. I have been creating new products and going to craft shows which wipe me out.

Here's a new set of Thank You cards.

These five Thank You cards are special because they are totally handmade, they are bright, colorful and very personal.

First, the main paper is hand made abaca paper with sizing.

Second, the front covers have been marbled. Marbling is the 17th Century technique of floating paint on a thickened water surface and drawing a design.

When the paper is dry, the sizing prevents any ink pen from bleeding or feathering when you write your message.

Use these cards as thank you's during your busy holiday season! Visit my store for more special cards for the season!

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