Sunday, April 5, 2009

Papermaking Fun!!

On Friday when I was driving home from work, I stopped in a field and picked these flowers.

Then on Saturday, I spent time making paper and pressing these flowers in the paper.

There are simple cards and then there are the ones which I had fun
adding color of other HMP papers.

The picture on right is the wet paper pressed on a green army blanket, the picture above is after the paper has been pressed under a hydraulic press for 20 minutes

and I've transferred it to a white sheet to take it through a drying process. Check out my etsy store for these neat cards by the end of this week!!


  1. hi, pam!:-)

    what absolute, yeehaw fun!:-)...and with grand results!:-)

    can't wait to see the finished cards:-)


  2. What great work that you do and love the flowers. So glad that I subscribe to your blog. Beautiful work and love the journal that you sent.



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