Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Blueberry Picking

Hi, and I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Holiday. Our son, Ashby, was home from college and we did lots of stuff! He is interested in my waffle clocks and on Saturday, while I was making Christmas cards, Ashby was making a clock which he will use his metal detecting finds as hour markers.
And today, on a whim, we went to Black Balsam Mountain and picked blueberries.

Here he is deep into picking as well as Bob, my husband. If you have any spectacular blueberry recipes, please leave me a comment. Also, don't forget to comment on my store to win a unique set of halloween cards.


  1. oh, i like picking berries (and mushrooms) ! actually, around my family countryhouse in the middle of France, because here in Paris it's obviously a bit difficult !

    i like the papers you make too !

  2. une petite, How wonderful to pick earth's bounty!!

    Merci and au revoir!

    Pam (je parle un pue francais)


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