Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Congratulations to.....

Congratulations to.....Cappy Sue for giving me an idea during the summer to make jack-o-lantern cards out of leaves!! It was a great challenge to find a leaf that resembled a pumpkin!! Then I found lace bits to make the eyes and mouth and also to make it look more scary. I hope you like them CappySue. They kind of look like alien pumpkins:-) While you are looking at these cards, pop on over the CappySue's etsy store. She has lots of Halloween paintings!! Thanks for entering a new idea CappySue!!

While I was experimenting, I made five more jack-o-lantern cards. Would you like to win them? First, follow me, then leave me a comment about your favorite item in my etsy store. I will draw a name on Tuesday night and publish the winner. Please leave me contact info!


  1. oh they are just awesome I love the faces so unique.

  2. YAY blogger finally let me follow your blog!!

  3. Thanks, Skyline!!It was a long time coming. Hope you enjoy!

  4. oh I recieved my cards and they are so amazing I am so excited just decieded who I am going to send the first one to. They are simply beautiful thanks you so much for them.

  5. Cappy Sue--I am so glad you like them. I'll have to admit that they were fun to make.



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