Thursday, November 5, 2009

Etsy Anniversary

Well, I've decided what to offer my purchasers during the month of November for my one year anniversary on etsy. I figure since so many people, crafters and friends, have hearted me and my work that I will give everyone who purchases from me a handmade paper heart notecard and handmade envelope which is hand folded with bone scoring and relick glue. These are a limited edition item and will show my love for all my customers.

Check out my store filled with new items--from journals to cards in time for the holidays. In fact I'm planning on creating some special gift tags for the holidays on Saturday.


  1. I just found you on the forums, and I love your stuff! That paper is just gorgeous!

  2. Thank YOu Shrimp Salad Circus!! I love your Name!

  3. Wow...those notecards are beautiful! I recommend, to everyone, to click on the photo to see the paper up close. That is such a great gift to give to customers.


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