Thursday, January 21, 2010

Featured Artist--DiamondIsis

I am pleased to feature a brand new artist/photographer on etsy. Lena of DiamondIsis is a fabulous photographer with a humorous take on life with shore birds, tender moments with horses and classic black and white photography. She has full color prints as well.
When I was chatting with her, she gave me interesting information.

Tell me something about yourself.
I am excited to be a part of the Etsy community and plan to keep adding onto my storefront! I live in a town outside of Richmond, VA with my Fiancee' and our four legged daughter, Isis Diamond (my store name is her name backwards).

How did you start with your current craft?
Photography is my passion and what started as a hobby when I was a teenager became a staple in my life! I would visit wildlife refuges with my parents and I got to where I would always take my camera. Then I went to school at the Academy of Art to study photography for two years; it was nice to learn formally as I had been self taught up to that point.

Do you have a full time job? If yes, what is it? Would you like to be full time at crafting?

I would love to be able to pursue photography full time; but for now I work full time as an Accounts Receivable Specialist for a local company in Richmond, VA. But I keep up with my photography in all the spare time I can spare, lol.

What do you like about your craft?
What I love about photography is being able to capture a moment that is beautiful; and being able to share that for everyone to enjoy! My hope is that people will enjoy my work as much as I enjoy going out and finding those moments to share! :)

Let's welcome Lena to the world of online sales and encourage her. Check out her etsy store, DiamondIsis. PS I also hyperlinked my favorite photos from her store.

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