Sunday, November 7, 2010

Feast Day--An Accidental Happening

It all started out with a beef roast that I had thawed all day yesterday. I had planned on putting it the crock pot to cook all day. When I unwrapped the roast and found rib bones and t bones that wouldn't move, I enlisted the help and knowledge of my husband, who is an accomplished chef. We decided to cook it like a turkey in the oven. I had already chopped up garlic before this decision was made. We pasted the garlic on all sides of the roast, draped sliced onions on toothpicks and salt & peppered it. Then it was cooked with an aluminum foil tent for 3 1/2 hours. (While the oven was hot, I baked cookies for my son at college. ) Then for supper, I cooked acorn squash with butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, walnuts and cracker crumbs. I cooked brown rice.

Whew!! IT was a ton of work, but now we are set for meals during the week. I wish you could have stopped by for a plate!

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