Thursday, November 11, 2010

Making Custom paper for my watercolorist/pastel friend

My friend, Karen, has pushed me into making custom paper for her. She is a watercolorist and pastel artist. Together, we are going to make some awesome paper for her to create waterolors and pastel work. Her website is

I thought I would give you a few of our conversations to show how this works:

Karen--I'm building my papermaking contacts so that special orders like yours will be a main stay of my business.

The paper I made yesterday is 9 x 14. I really want you to try it and all the different ways you listed. It is 100% cotton, with calcium carbonate to maintain acid free and has a sizing in the pulp which helps prevent water absorbancy.

Let's get together one day this week and I can show you what I have made.

Karen came and picked up 8 sheets of paper.

I have used two sheets of the paper for pen and ink drawings. I think the images would show up better if there was about half as much plant fiber inclusions. Also, the paper responds even to the moisture in the ink of my drawing pens. It doesn't bleed but it picks up and shreds as if it were wet. A little smoother surface might work better. Other than that it works really well for drawing. I'll try pastels next. Since there is no moisture involved, we shoud get different results. I still think a little less plant fiber is better as it is also distracting for the design. I am having fun, however. Karen

Great info! I will adjust the plant fibers and the sizing which prevents the ink bleeding. I know I can correct the bleeding. Pam

It is not exactly bleeding. It just disintegrates if it get damp and sticks to the felt nib of my pen. Sometime soon, before I send these to the Atlanta gallery, I want to let you see what I have done with it as far as drawings. It works great for botanicals. Your paper gives it a personality it would not have with any storebought stuff. We may have a great partnership here! Karen

Check out Karen's website!! She's extremely talented and busy!!

Would you like custom made paper? Contact me at
More posts to come showing how she used my paper!


  1. Sounds like quite the process!! I've never made any myself but I've bought handmade paper and it's gorgeous when it's done right.

    Interesting post!

  2. Thanks, Meeling! Visit my shop if you need more handmade paper.


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