Sunday, January 16, 2011

Featured Artist Sunday

Today's featured artist is a friend that I met on the More Meaningful Gift Thread, PaperUlixis. I have known her as Uli as we often call each other by store names. I learned her real name is Amanda.

Now for some information about my friend, Amanda or Uli:

She is a completely self-taught artist & crafter, as well as a trained scientist. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, collecting things. She loves anything handmade or with a bit of history.

Amanda started out making notebooks because of her love writing, journaling & sketching. To be cost effective, she made her own journals. With 3 completed journals what was she to do with them?... enter Etsy!

Meanwhile, she was collecting buttons as embellishments to her notebooks and soon she was wearing them on her wrists! The idea to make jewelry out of buttons came from Etsy (where else?)
So she opened my Ulixis shop with a few notebooks & some button bracelets. Amanda even sold a bracelet within that first week and she was hooked! (Who wouldn't be?)

What is your favorite part of your chosen craft?

Starting new projects - deciding on colours, designs, paper, fabric, etc - & seeing finished projects, holding them in my hands & being able to say "I made this".

In five years, what would you like to be doing?

More of the same - but I particularly want to delve into my mixed-media artwork & explore some more with paint & new techniques.

Uli has a blog also that ties all her creative energy and thought process together.

Visit her shop through any of the pictures and you will see the fun loving paperulixis that I know from the More Meaningful Gift Thread. In fact come visit us at the link on the words. We like to have new friends join us on the thread.
Post your favorite item from her shop.


  1. Well done! Love this feature and love Uli's stuff!!

  2. Ah, a scientist crafter - someone after my own heart. :) Great interview, and awesome notebooks!

  3. eeee! thanks SO much! this turned out really nice! :D :D :D

  4. Nice interview. I am happy to call Amanda my friend, I have a spectacular notebook from her and one of those original button bracelets.

  5. WONDERFUL!!! I love Amanda's work!!! Nice feature!

  6. me me me!!! i'm ulimanda's #1 fan!

    siempre- dorana

  7. Great feature! I hadn't seen her work before.

  8. I love when people make their own skill set!!! Happy Monday : )

  9. Thanks, all for visiting Uli's store and my blog!


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