Saturday, March 26, 2011

iPhone vs. Droid

I am excitedly looking into to buying a new phone. I currently have a flip phone, which I love, but it's time to upgrade. I have had in mind buying a droid because I have several friends who have one and totally love it. The reason I want to upgrade is to take credit cards at craft fairs.

So yesterday, I went shopping with my college son. I let the salesman walk me through all the the different phones and talk about the pros and cons of each. (I didn't let him know I was interested in a droid) So he showed me the thunderbolt , Droid x, and the iPhone.

Wow, they are all impressive!! Price wise, the iPhone is the best bargain. I never thought I would want an apple product, but after seeing how it could you want anything else.

What are your experiences with either the droid or the iPhone? Are they equal? Easy to use? Easy to use with etsy?

Thanks for your comments?

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