Saturday, March 26, 2011

Featured Artist Sunday!!

Hi, I am back in the swing of my features now and I had a quick reply to my surprise convo, sooooo the featured artist is Whysper Fairy! It is fun to do this feature because I find out about artists who have hearted my shop and learn that they also read my blog. When you think no one is out. Two eyes are looking and reading. Such is the case with Whysper Fairy.

Now on to the interview:

how I got started crafting?

I don't really remember. I have been crafting different things for over 30 years. I love garage sales and find a lot of things to re-purpose or use in my crafts on the weekends at those. That is the best way to find goodies!!
I hoard....I mean collect everything if I think I will use it in crafting some day. I have an entire closet filled with "stuff I'm going to use one day!" I have four stores on Etsy due to my varied interests. Wow, I can't imagine managing 4 stores, I have a hard time with one. I love making soap. Decorative Victorian pretty soap is my favorite. Although I also love the look of organic brown square goats milk soaps too. :)

I sell soap in Julies Sparkly Bits although it started as a vintage shop as I love vintage too. Lol

I love finding vintage and antique jewelry. If it is a good piece I'll sell it as is. If it is broken I'll tear it up more and use pieces to make beautiful Victorian themed brooches. I also love hippie beads, findings and the hemp jewelry. I love buttons and ribbons and bows, cute findings and sparkly things. These things you will find in my shop Dinkalulu here on Etsy and Julies Little Bits.

My latest shop Whysper Fairy was born of trying to find a good inexpensive soap mold. It was hard to find what I wanted and for a reasonable price so......I figured out how to make molds and made it myself. I loved making molds and just never stopped. Now I have this store selling my molds so other people can make great soaps, fondant pieces, resin and PMC and clay jewelry!

Favorite part of what I do is working completely from home. That's is Great!!
I love what I do. After 30 years of working for someone else I am finally able to work solely in my shops and sell online. My dream has finally come true! Congratulations, it can be done!

In 5 years I see myself still crafting and making beautiful things. Hope to have some Grandchildren to visit by then too! Your children must be a little older than my son:-)
Thank you for this wonderfully inspiring interview!!
OK, Check out her shop, Whysper Fairy through the name or any picture!! Tell us what you like best from her shop. Have anyone bought from Whysper already?


  1. Wow! What a great feature. :D Thank you so much! I appreciate it. Love your blog too. :) Have a great weekend! Julie

  2. Lovely feature, I love meeting new Etsy folk! I'll have to go take a peek at that organic soap... :)

  3. Thanks, ladies. It is always fun to learn more about one of our fellow crafters!

  4. She is very talented.
    4 shops, OMG.
    Great feature!


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