Saturday, April 9, 2011

I learned how to cut fabric fast...and a whole lot more!!

I am working on a custom order journal. The customer wants fabric chips which I agree I can add.

Well, I'm feeling a little rushed as I have just about a month to complete the job. So I remember that I can use a rotary cutter to chop the fabric up fast.

However, I haven't used it for 10 years and it's harder than I think, so I go and buy a new blade at a fabric shop. That works like a charm. I am whizzing through the fabric and within a square foot of finishing, when I roll over my finger. I say ouch and start to continue cutting when I see red at the end of my finger.

I cut a huge chunk of my finger tip off (It was left in the blade, ewww!) I spent the next 15 minutes trying to get the bleeding to stop.

After about 8 different kinds of bandaids and lots of Kleenex, the bleeding did stop. Now I have a peg for my pointer finger to type with.:=)

And you can see that I finished cutting all the fabric, and I maght add that there is no red on the pieces.


  1. Oh my! Those blades are so incredibly sharp! I hope that your finger is feeling better... but great job getting the fabric all cut! ;)


  3. Smitten--Yes, I found out that there is a guard on one side. OF course the way I started using it was cutting much better.

    Amanda--yes, advil helps!


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