Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vacations!!! Now is the time to plan~~~

Where are you thinking about going on vacation?? Now is the time to plan. And I am trying to plan my vacation for the summer to the Pacific Northwest, but everything I try is not working out. The timing is not right!!!
Well, your timing is perfect to snag this North Carolina Coastline Journal.
A brown paper bag is recycled as the handmade paper base for the journal. Map pieces were also blended into the pulp to give a unique appearance to the paper.
The bead dangle has a shell with drilled hole, quartz bead, flat red glass and complementary small beads.
The theme of this journal is a North Carolina vacation as the coast of my state is stitched into the spine.

Who doesn't love a vacation on a coast line??
Do you have a different vacation planned? Well, click below for a custom journal for your personal vacation.

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