Sunday, August 30, 2009

Making Logos on Cards

I am very excited about learning how to create a logo out of a soft rubber that fits my mould. Here are the pictures of the logo I made for Judy and Em Rigg at Palm Key. This is a Palmetto tree which is the state tree of South Carolina. I'm very pleased and so are Judy and Em.

Speaking of being pleased, if you need a vacation getaway near the Low Country of South Carolina, I highly recommend Palm Key. It is located on the marshes of SC and is convenient to Hilton Head Island and Savannah, Georgia. Each cottage is a separate unit with low country vegetation surrounding it. Cottages have 1 to 5 bedrooms.

Check out the Palm Key website for more information.


  1. Love the logos. You do such a great work and I like looking at some of the creative ways that you come up with :)


  2. Hey fellow blogger!! Good job on the logo cards, they turned out wonderfully! :D


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