Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hand Made Single Recycled School Paper Herb Seed Card--Oregano

A single hand made recycled school paper herb seed card with a red heart has tiny oregano seeds!! Making paper cards and recycling school paper is even better with hearts and bumpy earth ready seeds!

The small bumps under each heart are seeds. Did I say small? These seeds are as tiny as the periods on this page! I had to wet my pinky finger to place the seeds on the card!

The paper is recycled school paper, so you will be saving the earth too.

IMPORTANT NOTE-- No school children were harmed in the production of these cards, only their school work!


  1. This is gorgeous! I just love the texture of this, and the idea of the big bright heart with seeds is so lovely.

  2. Thanks, Victoria!! And the fun thing is that you can grow the seeds!!


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