Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What inspires Me?

My husband and I went on a trip with a couple of very dear friends to the Great Smoky Mountains this weekend. We went hiking for three days when it dawned on me that maybe my readers would be interested in what inspires me. So I will show you a couple of pictures which I took and then show you one of my newest cards.

I love to look at the mountains and the different layers for a vista or wide view. Then when we are walking in the woods and I see the ferns, leaves, flowers, etc close-up, I want to combine all into one small card front. I may put in a color for a sun or a moon-(Gee, that's a good idea), blue for the hint of sky and then a plant close-up for perspective.

I really am creating a quality card that my customers will be proud to send. It's important when, if you are like me, a person only sends a card occassionally to a very good friend or relative.

What are your thoughts on who you would send a very special card?

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  1. Nature also inspires me! Sometimes directly, like you, and sometimes indirectly... my mind wanders on a hike and develops ideas all on its very own ;)


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