Saturday, August 15, 2009

Secret Revealed!!!

I am so excited and pleased to announce my secret--my first video on how to make hand made paper!! It has been in process for many months--we've (my son & I) taped 4 different videos. The link today is the final product. We both are so proud of our hard work.

Well, technical difficulties....can't upload video. Will try again later! Need to cut to 100 MB. Maybe tonight!

Well, I've successfully uploaded the video to facebook.

Click and check it out.

After watching the video, please answer the question--would you be interested in a more detailed description of papermaking?


  1. I just love the video on papermaking. I might have to try it sometime and use the paper I make to make my handmade cards. You explain the process very well. Thanks! Oh I wanted to ask....did you make the press you had outside?

  2. No, One Fold, I bought the press from Harbor Freight.
    Thanks for watching and giving me feedback.


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