Friday, July 6, 2012

Going On Vacation--YEAH

My family and I are preparing, packing and winding down our household activites to go on vacation.  And then there is my studio.  If I leave vats of pulp set-up, I would be welcomed back to a ripe smell.  Speaking of smells, I think I have a dead animal in my studio.  I had cleaned up my studio a few weeks ago when we left the freezer to thaw--the water went everywhere, remember?  So I am a little bummed about trying to find a dead animal, so I am going to avoid the issue until I come back off vacation.  I'm hoping that he/she/it will have dried out enough that the mess will be small.  HAHA.

So while I am gone, I have lots of promotions that will be automatically posted and Remember, my blog readers will receive 15% off purchases when you use Blog15 as a coupon code.  All purchases will be shipped out on July 21.

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